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Dylan O’Brien’s Injuries So Bad ‘Death Cure’ Filming Further Delayed

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According to a statement relayed to FANDOM by 20th Century Fox, production on the new “Maze Runner” sequel will be shut down for a much longer time than executives expected. The studio says Dylan O’Brien‘s onset injuries are more severe than initially thought and production will shut down for “the foreseeable future.”

“The resumption of principal photography on Maze Runner: The Death Cure has been further delayed to allow Dylan O’Brien to fully recover from his injuries,” the Fox statement reads. “We wish Dylan a speedy recovery and look forward to restarting production as soon as possible.”

Earlier the studio had announced plans to resume filming on May 9th in and around Vancouver, British Columbia.

O’Brien’s publicist also spoke out about the star and the delay. “His injuries are very serious and he needs more time to recover,” Jennifer Allen said.

On March 17th, O’Brien was filming a stunt on set when something went wrong. WorkSafe BC, the agency that investigates all workplace injuries in the province, has recently released details about the accident.

“An action sequence was being filmed for a motion picture. This young worker was attached to a vehicle by a harness, lanyard and overhead truss system when he climbed onto the back (of) another vehicle. As the vehicles slowed, the trailing vehicle the worker was anchored to slowed more rapidly than the vehicle the worker climbed onto.”

A source speaking to Teen Wolf News on condition of anonymity explained further that “(Dylan was) yanked to the ground by his own safety vehicle and dragged under it.”

O’Brien returned to Los Angeles late last month to recover and met with his medical team this week. It is believed that his doctors reassessed his condition and notified the studio that he could not return as quickly as hoped.

Fox did not comment on whether or not the longer delay would impact the film’s scheduled February 2017 release.

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