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Movie Title: Glorious

Year of Release: 2022

Directed by: Rebekah McKendry

Running Time: 1 hour 19 minutes

Warning(s): Explicit Language

Starring: Ryan Kwanten, J.K. Simmons

Movie Summary:

After a breakup, Wes ends up at a remote rest stop. He finds himself locked inside the bathroom with a mysterious figure speaking from an adjacent stall. Soon Wes realizes he is involved in a situation more terrible than he could imagine.

The POPGORGE Skinny:

Quite possibly the first supernatural/psychological horror movie centered around a men's public bathroom glory hole, this one is not about what you think it is about. It's an imaginative, riveting story about regret and guilt, and is propelled by Ryan Kwanten's acting tour de force and riffing chemistry with co-star J.K. Simmons. Simultaneously cosmically icky and deep.


  • Direction
  • Screenplay & Story
  • Cinematography
  • Acting
  • Overall Production
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